GBA is a Chennai based firm of Chartered Accountants, established more than three decades ago with a branch in Bangalore and supported by affiliates, in and outside India. GBA's ideology in the profession is reflected in its Legacy for Integrity, Values nd Excellence (LIVE). Beyond a mere existence , GBA is LIVE, with consistent value based high quality service, rendered at the right time to the right people. the firm is of the strong conviction in building and maintaining the client relationship intact through competent , trust and time bound services. GBA's uncompromising efforts naturally contribute directly to the vision of ICAI.


  • To provide comprehensive professional services to our diversified clientele with utmost Integrity and Values combined with high quality standards
  • To invariably eliminate the gap between client expectations and the services rendered 
  • To strive for Trust and Timely services contributing to building and maintaining healthy, long term client relationship
  • To work with ICAI in creating Valued Trustees of World Class Financial Competencies, Good Governance and Competitiveness
  • Emerging as one of the leading Indian multi-national professional institution that has the reach, resources and capability to offer advice and solution under one roof, globally


Digital technology has transformed the outlook of client management, expected deliverable and regulatory compliance. It impacts every area of business. Considering the clientele requirement, GBA believes that enabling digital technologies through automation opportunities arising out of study of business processes and services will substantially contribute to the quality deliverable of its clientele.

GBA has taken steps to equip themselves for this transformation. Through the self-evaluation of our Digital Competence Maturity Model (DCMM), we are aiming to improve the maturity level of automating the internal processes.

GBA has well developed IT equipped offices with strong data security and recovery structures in place which has eased the transition into a suitable work from home concept.
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