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GBA is a distinguished Chennai-based firm of Chartered Accountants that has been in operation for over three decades. The firm has established branches in Bangalore and Madurai, and is also supported by affiliates both within and outside India.

Our philosophy is grounded in the principles of Integrity, Values, and Excellence. GBA embodies this vision by providing consistent, value-based, high-quality services to the right people at the right time.

The firm strongly believes in building and maintaining strong client relationships through their competent, trustworthy, and time-bound services. GBA's unwavering commitment to excellence naturally aligns with the vision of ICAI.


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Emerging as one of the leading Indian multi-national professional institutions that have the reach, resources and capability to offer advice and solution under one roof, globally



Digital Transformation can never be out of purview. It has transformed the outlook of client management, expected deliverables and regulatory compliance. Digital possibilities have potential to shape strategies across industries, institutions, and sectors. And that is why technology and operational decisions should be adaptive and aligned with prospective digitisation for the future.

Our far-sightedness is fuelled by our goal, and we proliferate on crucial root needs that our clients are dealing with today. Understanding its importance in the face of the major changes moulding the world's current scenario: climate change, ruptured geopolitics, social traction, technological disruption, and the unrelenting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another key area we pivot is the need to build conviction at a time when it is both more delicate and more complex to earn.

Why is Digital transformation essential?

In a relentlessly unsettled and increasingly digital economy, we may be entering a golden era of development through technological transformational uncompromising switch for uncompromising outcomes. We offer fresh perceptivity into how business leaders should see their world in futuristic high tech and build resilient businesses of millennium, creating value and leaving a legacy of continued growth.
We have taken steps to equip ourselves for this transformation and aim to improve the maturity level of automation of the internal processes.

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